Funny disclaimer If you are trying to find out how emails work and what happens – technically – when you send an email, this is not the article that you are looking for. In this page you’ll find what I believe (based on my experiences) that happens to my CV email when I send it to a company when looking for a job.
In a very generic way I will explain what I believe that happens to my CV when I send it with an email to a company trying to find a job. My experiences are based in the Netherlands and in Greece. In order to make it kinda funny I will have a table that on the left side explains step-by-step what actually happens and on the right side I will show what is in my mind.
What actually happens What’s in my mind
The email arrives to a mailbox of the owner, HR or any random person working in the company (sometimes even people that don’t work there anymore) My CV is traveling to an unknown path to success – using a boat called “Hope”.
One person notices the unread message and decides to open it to see what is this about. A unique high-intelligence system is translating my CV to a language that only the important people realise and understand.
The reader is viewing the CV and tries to understand some very important things:
  • Age
  • Current employment status
  • If currently unemployed, why?
  • If currently employed, why leave?
  • Knowledge of domain.
  • Special skills and if they fit the job opening.
  • Information to lead the reader to the senders facebook page
A hugely important person, most probably the most important man on the entire universe is reading line-by-line my CV. They are spending their important time for my CV and only that – not thinking about any other erant. Sometimes this person is thinking mysteriously and looks like Joeys “smell the fart” acting.
The time spent on the facebook page will probably be more than the time spent on the actual CV. Especially if the CV is more than one page – I know this sounds incorrect, but a small one-page CV might make the person think that “it’s small, I’ll read it.” Have I posted anything bad lately? Anything that will cost me that job? Hm…
When everything is good then the email will be answered or a phone call will be made. This will be the first impression and it’s quite important although nearly nothing in this call will be a deal breaker – the interviewer has already decided to spend time on this CV. Unknown number? Shiiiiiiit it’s them! Is my voice OK? Cough cough.. – “Hello?”

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