Grab a cup of eggnog and gather round the Christmas tree, for I am about to tell you the story of how business flow works inside Santa’s workshop!   High up in the North, beyond the Wall and the White Walkers, lies Santa Claus’ workshop. Located near the Pole, it is where the majority of toys and presents are manufactured, packed, wrapped, and later on distributed to children all over the world for Christmas. What is the business flow for such a peculiar business though? In the flowchart below we can see the process followed by the workshop elves, from the step where children’s letters are received until the point of gift distribution.   santa workshop flowchart   Business begins from Santa’s mailbox. Starting as early as August, children all over the world write down their Christmas requests and send their letter to Santa Claus. The Merry Mail Collection team is responsible for the opening, reading, legitimacy assessment, and proper archiving of all the letters. Duplicate requests are discarded, adult requests are ignored, and ambiguous requests receive generic, red and white colored, socks as presents. The next step is the evaluation of a kid’s performance in the “Good or Bad” scale throughout the year past. Santa Claus himself, in collaboration with the Statistics Spices & Advent Analytics department, share their data and reach the verdict of whether a child has been good or bad this year. The list of those who have been bad is passed on to the Coal Packaging Pixies, while those who have been good are enlisted and passed on to the Tinsel Toy Creators team.   The elves work night and day in alternating shifts. There is so much to be done and simply no time to waste. The workshop runs 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, under the sleepless eye of the supervising manager of elves, Mrs. Claus. Here is the voice of reason when things go wrong. Moreover, being in charge of meals, she provides a plethora of options to munch and bib, such as: Christmas candy cupcakes, gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, hot buttered rum, candy canes, chocolate cranberry cakes, peppermint bark tea, and plenty more.   Now, the Tinsel Toy Creators have finished creating the toys and send them over to the Quality Candy Cane Control team. Elves are only elves and mistakes are bound to happen if someone has had too much chocolate, so the toys that don’t really work or aren’t the ones requested by each child in their letters are discarded and burned to coal (the very same coal bad kids receive, this business is jolly good at resource allocation).   Clock is ticking and it’s time to get those presents moving! The Prancer Packers Wonder Wrappers work fast like magicians. Juggling presents, gracefully tossing them to each other and wrapping them in colorful papers, a joyful sight that leaves you in awe if you’re watching. Reindeer Rejoice squad is in charge of feeding and saddling the reindeers in the sleigh, Frosty Fillers carefully stack the toys inside Santa’s bag in the sound of Christmas carols that bring out the festive spirit in everyone.   Another year, another successful project, everyone at the workshop is celebrating! Dancing and singing, sharing their bloopers, the air smells of freshly baked cookies and fills with laughter while hot chocolate is served at an open bar. Christmas is nigh! Everything is settled now, it is Santa’s time to shine. He wears his fancy red suit, kisses his Mrs. goodbye and sits comfortably on his sleigh while everyone at the workshop waves. A few tears of joy, heartfelt wishes and holiday delight, the elves all gather round to watch Santa’s big journey begin.   Gift bag Santa in sleigh ✓ Reindeers in order ✓ Rudolph’s nose brightness calibrated ✓   “Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen. Set. Rudolph, light the way!”

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