Leasure and e-commerce leader

With a variety of diverse channels around leisure and e-commerce. Emesa provides a unique experience for its guests.

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Dutch market leader

Emesa is the market leader in travel and leisure in the Netherlands. They have been creating new sales channels for their partners since 2004, through their innovative platforms  with the top player being VakantieVeilingen which is an online bidding platform where one can find the currently hottest deals.

Quality assurance

Millions of people visit the platforms of Emesa and have financial transactions every month. This requires them to be of top security and behave predictably.

Since we provide professional software testing services, we were approached by Emesa in order to allocate part of our QA team for continuous testing of their websites.

Quality assured

Our quality assurance engineers have a professional background that goes back many years. They have developed a keen eye and experience that allows them to find bugs before they make it to production, hence ensuring the best quality and security possible.