Parking without hustle

Residents of Drama, Greece are now able to park their cars without looking for a place to buy parking cards.

The parking problem

In many greek cities, in order to park your car at certain spots, you need to buy a parking card from the available sales points. The cost of those cards depends on their duration i.e half an hour parking.

Since it’s not always easy to find a selling point near you, you have to buy a bulk of cards for future use. Not anymore; residents of Drama can now download this application and buy cards through their mobile phones with a few easy steps.

The app solution

We put an effort on building an app that would solve the cards problem, having multiple factors in mind. The app should be easy to use by the drivers and be as close as possible to the traditional way of card-parking in order to be intuitive.

Should work for all parties

In order for the app to be useful, we had to find ways for the authorities to use it easily in order to check if an individual parked legally. We came up with useful features such as plate scanning that make the traditional ways of checking obsolete and dated.