Leading the online market

Creative Group provides online top-up solutions in more than 130 countries around the world.

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An ever-growing team

Creative Group is one of the leading companies in the online transactions market which is constantly growing and expanding.

Their flagship products are Rapido and Recharge.
Rapido is the largest online top-up store where everyone can buy from a wide variety of gift cards or even recharge their phone credit.
Recharge provides a safe and fast way to top-up your mobile phone credit online.

As part of growing their software engineering team, they contacted us in order to work with them on their products by reinforcing their backend team.

Our role

Part of our backend development team is exclusively assigned to work with Creative Group. Their focus is to fix problems and implement new features based on the company needs and roadmap and keep the projects’ security at the highest standards, in order to keep the financial transactions that take place, safe.