Hirings listing for supply teachers

The most convenient way to view and manage placements.

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Placements only a tap away

With anaplirotes, we filled a big gap in Greece’s educational system regarding supply teachers. In order to find out if they got placed in a school for the year, they had to follow a hard route which included downloading excel spreadsheets and looking for their names. Through the application, they can find all the desired information in less than a minute, skipping the spreadsheet part, of course.

Easy to use

The main pain point of the traditional way of finding their placement, was that supply teachers had to go through huge spreadsheet tables and look for their name. We managed to solve that the obvious way, by placing a search bar with which they input their full name and narrow down the results to just a few, from which they can distinguish themselves by their fathers name, in conjunction with the reference code of their area of teaching.

Having found themselves, they can also add them in their favourites and come back to the results at a later time without the need of searching ever again.

Data that's really needed

We examined the spreadsheets and determined what data we should keep and what not. Our goal was to provide supply teachers an intuitive UI containing only the data they actually need and are more likely to use, with the most important being their ranking and placement location, along with a map.

Another painkilling issue is that as long as they have added themselves in their favourites, they will receive notifications whenever the data regarding them changes, i.e. a new placement takes place.