Mobile development frameworks in 2017

Mobile applications have conquered the majority of the market of software development. Every company that provides services through a web platform need to create a mobile version of the platform if the company wants to continue to improve and prosper. It is important to mention that when the creator of Facebook was asked what he would do if now he was starting his career he answered that he would think first of a mobile application than a web platform, as it actually happen Instagram.

The important question though is how you actually develop a mobile application. There are quite a lot mobile development frameworks and tools that a company should know about before actually start coding. Some frameworks provider more development speed and other just raw application performance. One should know what the application he is going to build actually needs.

Native Android & IOS

If you want to access the last API features of certain platforms or you want to use special features of a device then the only way is to go native. Java is the programming language for Android and Swift or Objective C for IOS. Native development provides by far the best performance and has the biggest community. The disadvantage is that you have to actually build two different applications from scratch one for Android and one for IOS which means you need more budget and time.

Cordova based hybrid app development

One of the fastest way to develop and mobile application without Java or Swift knowledge and also to be able to run among a lot of platforms is with the help of Apache Cordova and the front end frameworks that exist. HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge is required something that helps a lot web developers who make their way to mobile development.

Mobile app development using React Native

A perfect choice for mobile development is using React Native. React was developed by Facebook and the community is one of the fastest growing in 2016 and 2017. HTML, CSS and Javascript are required but not enough because you will need to learn React framework, the framework that was made by Facebook for front end web development but evolved and managed to be able to make mobile applications. With React Native even though you code in Javascript, it is the closest to performance and appearance to Native development. The disadvantage is that it has not reached version 1.0 until now something that means that the developers that work on it are not so satisfied yet. Although a lot of big companies use this framework to build their applications because it has a very good documentation, community and it is very promising.

Xamarin app development

C# is the programming language that Xamarin uses and it is a good choice for those with good knowledge of Microsoft programming tools. The applications that are made with this framework are compiled in native code and have a quite satisfied perfomance.

No one of the tools we discussed can be regarded as the correct or wrong choice to build a mobile applications. Each of them have its own advantages and disadvantages and every one of them was created for certain reasons. Some of them focus on raw performance and support as many features as possible, some others focus on development speed and others focus on using certain programming languages, so that developers will not need to learn new languages.

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