About the testing team

We do everything to help our users to have the best possible experience because we believe this is the reason they choose our products. You will work among web designers, developers and analysts to bring every idea to life

About you

You are a good tester, always looking for ways to improve your work and make the end product more useful. You have a keen eye for detail and you like analysing your work. You have strong communication skills and you make sure that every problem you find is perfectly understood by the developers. You like working with the dev team, listening to their advice, but you have a strong opinion when needed.


  • Degree in Informatics.
  • Thrilled to work in an environment that works for the product.
  • Willingness to learn our working process and how we manage subversioning.

1 open position
Location: Drama, Greece

If you want us to remove your data and delete your CV, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will happily do it.