About The frontend team

We do everything to help the users of our products to have the best possible experience because we believe this is the reason our users trust and choose our products. You will work among engineers and analysts in order to turn every idea to reality!

About you

You are a good designer that is always seeking to make work a little bit more beautiful and useful. You like talking about HTML and CSS since you are an expert on both! The fact that the web has no limits thrills you and you believe that you can build products that will be used daily by thousands! Your portfolio doesn’t consist of generic templates but stories that each time you share you feel proud yet disappointed, since every previous work is worse than the next


  • At least two years experience in UX design
  • Perfect knowledge of Front-End technologies like HTML, CSS, JS
  • Experience in React Native will be appreciated
  • Thrill to work in an environment that works for the product
  • Willingness to learn our working process and how we manage subversioning

No open positions
Location: Drama, Greece

    If you want us to remove your data and delete your CV, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will happily do it.