I was thinking to write an article about if a developer should/could be a DJ but it’s too mainstream. So I came up with a less mainstream subject “Da best regression list”. Did you buy a few books about QA, trying to find da best regression process list? Me too. If you found anything remarkable, drop me a mail because I’m still looking for it. Most of the books for QA is actually a pretty good copy of another QA book or it’s like blah bah blah white box testing, blah blah blah agile, blah blah blah usability. And you end up under the shower crying for the time you spent, again, reading 200 pages in which the useful info were, in total, 20 pages. Global warming? No? Save the trees? No?
Ok ok I will start right away. This time I’m not going to count my words, I know 500 words is almost a page. Ha! What is the most important thing for businesses? If you said anything else than customers, you are wrong. Go out and play pogs or something. Please don’t ask me “What is pogs?” because I’m going to feel old. So… customers, and to be more precise, customer’s money. As a QA you have to make this road easier for all customers. No I’m not going to speak about money again. I despise them too… very… very… not. By the way did you notice something? Two paragraphs without actually telling anything useful. Just like a QA book. Keep in mind that everyone wants to deliver a good quality product, but almost every time, the time is less than it should be and the deadlines are coming closer and closer. So you end up choosing where to focus more and what to drop. Thank you managers. At first they always focus to front end and when they go live, they focus on the back end. After the first sales they realize that customers are going to call the customer service and they have to serve them as fast as possible but the back end is a mess. Oh mon dieu! What an unexpected situation. Businesses that respect themselves (and their customers) are going to ask you to do a regression. What is regressions?

 Basic UseNegative TestingDesignHackermanLazy Customer
Products Information
Customers’ Profile
Orders Editorxx
Products Editorxx
Customers’ Editorxx
I think it’s obvious why I selected those pages and why I put them in that specific order. I am not going to explain it step by step. I will give you a few hints and then I will move on to the titles of the columns. And no I’m not going to mention anything about “PO” or “suppliers” etc… because all those belong to the back end and in a bad situation, they can (temporary) adapt. The “X” mark means that you will test it only if they want to. There are businesses which don’t allow to login in backend through a mobile or tablet.

Da registration

The registration must be easy peasy and fast. Anything complicated or time consuming is like having a restaurant and you stop your customers, outside, asking them to tell you what they are going to order. This is not happening in real life… don’t do it with your website. As a QA you have to demand this. Anything time consuming has to be moved to profile page.

Da products info

Less info, less orders. That’s it. Many testers forget that but as a QA you have the obligation to deliver a quality page including the product info page. The order of the informations sections, what and how they display the data is one of the things you have to take care. Yes I know, this is where the war between the IT members start but it’s up to you too. It’s in your job description.

Da customer’s profile

There are websites in which you have to add your IBAN or your phone number in order to register. Move those god damn fields in customer’s profile page. If they don’t fill them up with valid data, they are not going to be able to make an order. Is that so difficult? Yes, I know, your database is going to end up with many inactive accounts. So what? There are servers with millions and millions deleted images. The extra useless records in a database (if you build a proper database) is… nothing. And by the way we discovered something in the last 30 (?) years:
Delete * FROM <table_1> INNER JOIN <table_2> WHERE orders=”0” AND last_login=”6”

Da orders editor

“I forgot this and that”, “I don’t want to pay this and that”, “I can’t complete my order” etc… There are still websites in which the customer support can’t receive an order by phone. By this I mean to insert the order in the system. Most of them, they write it down to a piece of paper and give that paper to the proper peoples.

Basic use and negative testing

Do I have to explain anything about this? If you have any question, please feel free and… play pogs.


This is important. Many peoples don’t believe this but everything turns to be minimal. Thank god there aren’t many websites left with the ability for the user to change the layout color (especially in forums). Facebook, Instagram, Reddit etc… are some of the examples. Especially Reddit is a website with an enormous amount of informations but the layout is as simple as it get. Facebook used to be a circus, now is simple and clean. So about us, keep it simple and (this is a hint) use Google emulator and emulate iPhone 4. Google emulator is not very reliable but the iPhone 4 has one of the smallest screens and it usually [email protected] everything up. You will love it!


Well most frameworks did the job before you and they patched up most of the well-known bugs. One thing that is common is that you can paste javascript etc. scripts and the code is actually working. The simplest example is this:
<p id="demo">JavaScript can change HTML content.</p>
<button type="button" onclick='document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "Hello
JavaScript!"'>Click Me!</button>
Just paste it in all fields in the (for example) order form and check if it actually display the button in backend. This is a bug. Report it. Go go go! Customer’s service are not IT guys. They are going to click any strange button they see from that unknown customer and the magic will explode in their faces.

Lazy customer

You probably doing black box testing. So this must be interesting. If it’s not… pogs! Try to complete two different orders in the same time by the same user. Keep two tabs with the same customer page, do a few changes in the first tab and click save to the second one. Got it? Simultaneous use of pages. I call it “Lazy customer” because I know a few lazy peoples who have 50 tabs open for no reason but because they can’t find a specific tab, they just “re-start” the order from the beginning. I have so many examples and there are so many cases but it’s useless to mention every single one of them. I will just say that “product information page” or “product” is not just a pen or a mobile phone page. A product can be anything. An order is not an order of a product, it can be a request or a booking page. Adapt my little quality friend! At the end of this article I have to say that no pens or papers harmed in the making of this article. Only my brain cells. It’s time for me to go out and… play pogs.

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