Get on your cloud, today!
No really, even though the cloud services are now so well spread there are still people, who do not use them, yet these same people tend to whine all over “aah, my data/music/photos are lost, is there a way to get them back?”

And most of us know, that there is a way, not 100% rewarding that costs so much money, and maybe time. The real solution should have been given in the first place, by using the before-mentioned cloud services.

What is a Cloud service

It is the ability to save a file or folder not-locally, meaning your photos, music, etc are going to be stored on a server and not on your computer or smartphone.

Who is a Cloud service

Lots and lots of examples here, bearing names that you can stumble upon them during your everyday-web-surf. Some of the most known and widely used:
Google Drive

Why use a Cloud service

  • Easy to use It is like copying files to any other folder, except it is online.
  • Safe to use Working with your files directly on the network means it stays virus free.
  • Accessible You can have and use your files, anywhere and in any networkable device .
  • Disaster free It is not like your hard drive malfunctioned and you cannot retrieve it. Cloud storage companies, make their best to have your files available at all times.
  • Scalable If your current storage is too little for you, you don’t have to end up with a dozen of hard drives filling up your desk drawers. It is as easy as upgrading your current plan.
  • Smartphone storage I would say “just ask the iPhone users”, but it is a fact, that there are times where your smartphone’s storage is full. No problemo! Throw them in the cloud and continue doing what you were doing.

Still not joined the Cloud storage train yet? Try it out! All cloud storage companies provide their desktop applications for free. Also, many of the smartphones come with their mobile apps pre-installed. Say goodbye to those external hard drives, memory cards, or cables to connect your smartphone to your computer. Cloud is already here!

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