Is working remotely limitless?

It is the latest “fashion” when it comes to working environments. The new trend, where a great number of companies are sickly promoting it, because, hey, why not? Both sides can benefit from it: • A company gets to hire a skilled worker that could not move to the company’s vicinity/city/country. • One can be hired from a company, that would need lots of commuting every day or that in other ways would be unreachable. Everything good up to now. But have you ever spoken to such a person or thought how it would be, working from home? Is it really so nice, flexible and comfortable? I myself could not believe that it could, actually, be quite difficult.

Communication with limits

The tools for it name it, Skype, Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp, webcams, headsets and so on, are growing in numbers and advancing in features. And this is good because communication gets to be easier and more precise. What is not good though, is the “feeling” you get when communicating with another person in the same room. Be it facial expressions, hand movements or the tone of the voice as it really sounds, are things that one reacts subconsciously to, and no tool, hardware or software, can completely transfer the whole communicating experience.

Distractions without limits

This an everyday obstacle for remote workers or not. The main difference though is when working from home it can easily get out of hand. What started as an innocent “5-minute break in Facebook”, can be transformed to “I am hungry, I am eating lunch” to “let me do a quick load of laundry”.


Working remotely can almost always guarantee you that you will never get to truly know your coworkers. You see, the part, where you interact with your coworkers, can extend to, before work (while commuting) or after work (happy hour drinks, beers, and dinner)

Burnout unlimited

While working alone remotely can give you more focus on your work, this usually backfires on you. The very elements that keep you in-focus and increase productivity can create a mindset of never being away from work, be it checking emails while eating breakfast or finishing up those spreadsheets on the laptop while lying in bed.


Both types of work, office and remote, have their pros and cons. Today’s article was trying to give a feel of why the trend of remote working could sometimes not be as “heavenly” as it sounds/seems. Until next time.

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