Ok, you have limited time and you have to test all the emails. Lucky you! I made a fast “research” about it and the most fascinating paragraph that came my way was “Why you have to test your emails”. I mean, why? Just why? It’s like being a professional driver and spending 2-3 paragraph about why you have to push on the gas. I’m out.
The most useful list is this: separate or draw a “map” with all parts of an emails.
  • Email title
  • Name display
  • Sender email
  • Main text
  • Main button
  • URL or “Backup” URL
  • Footer
  • Attachment
  • I’m not going to dig into each one. I suppose it’s pretty obvious why you have to check them to each email again and again. The main idea is that your email must be clear and readable. As a tester make sure three things.
    • Encoding
    • Style (mobile/apps/applications)
    • Functionality
    There is one more thing. In the footer, all businesses HAVE to add their info like name, address, and phone number. Not everyone is doing this. So… ask your superior about it.

    Activation email

    Obviously. If it doesn’t work, the customer is not going to visit you soon enough. If it doesn’t look like as it should, he is not going to take you seriously. Make sure:
    • Title: “Confirm your email at …” or “Complete your registration at …”
    • Name display: This is obvious
    • Functional button and/or a backup URL for clicking or coping and pasting
    • Check the hash for every activation for the same user. The hash must be “unique” on every email.
    • Style

    Password recovery email

    Exactly the same as the activation email. I and probably you too have accounts to websites you don’t even remember. Especially for a website that makes money (most of them) is a big fail to have a non-functioning system for this. Hash hash hash! Don’t forget that. One ridiculous thing I have faced was that customers could change their password but the message in the recovery form, when you type your new password, was that… something went wrong and you can’t actually change it. In reality, the password was indeed changed. Check em:
    • Title
    • Email
    • Style
    • Functionality (Yes, I’m repeating this)

    Confirmation emails

    There are many confirmations emails, like “confirm you subscription”. I’m not going to spend my time with it. I’m talking exclusively about the one that can block the customer to do his work. Order or payment confirmation email. If that fails, they will be really afraid to give their money to you. Don’t! Check em:
    • Functionality (Yes, I’m repeating this)
    • Functionality (Yes, I’m repeating this)
    • Functionality (Yes, I’m repeating this)
    • Functionality (Yes, I’m repeating this)

    Due date / overdue notification

    Probably the most annoying emails. I don’t know why they don’t stop using them. There are websites which send you that kind of emails every single day. It reminds me the BIG RED “PAY NOW” on eBay when you win an auction. Ok ok, I surrender, I will pay NOW. Maybe many customers forget to pay but many businesses forgot how to be distinctive and kind. PAY MEEEEE. Check em:
    • Subject
    • A photo with the Jack Norris holding a rifle should be enough

    Subscription emails

    From 100 emails you are going to receive, only the 10 of them (maybe less) are going to be interesting for you. Make sure to be clear and not like sending a paper to your colleagues. Every week I receive almost 70-80 newsletters and I have a special folder in my email for them. I check them every Saturday or Sunday. I spend 5 min tops. Emails without clear title or content… trash… Check em:
    • Clear content
    • Clear subject (funny/smart title I would say)
    • NOT pixelated images
    • Links
    • UNSUBSCRIBE button (thank you)

    Feedback emails

    Those are my favourites. Give me free feedback. It only takes 5 min and as always you need 15. You are trying to help FOR FREE and at some point you meet the world class option “Other” which has a REQUIRED field (textarea) to add about your “other” option. I will be honest, I always paste the lorem ipsum. Sorry! You asked for it. Check em:
    • Subject
    • Link to the feedback form (SOS)
    • UNSUBSCRIBE button (thank you again)
    7) Attachments The saddest thing I have faced on this, is to receive an announcement email with a PDF and the title of the file is in another language. I mean, do you check what you are sending. Yes, we do mistakes but this is happening for the last 3 months for more than 6 emails. Check em and sure for:
    • PDF title in Lenape language
    • Content in wrong encoding
    • Corrupted pdf file
    Well, that was all about it. You now have a basic list with what you should always test when it comes to emails. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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