Think about your typical workday. From the moment you wake up, until you fall to sleep tired in the night. You have so many things to do and so little time. Distractions everywhere but you need to focus on your goal. Productivity needs to stay high while rest is a luxury you don’t have. During the day you have to regularly check your emails, then skip a meal because you can’t afford the time for it and run from one meeting to another.
Although rest seems to be a waste of time, most of the times it is the best way to optimize everyday work and keep you focused so that you can be more productive. The duration and the time of your breaks depend on the circumstances and the desired end. I have found that some of the best ways to successfully rest yourself are the following Start your day as early as possible. Have a good breakfast and start doing the most challenging work first. At this time your mind is clear and you are more creative and concentrated. A good thing is to set up routines so that you don’t have to think about what to do next and how to continue to the next step. A walk during the day is a nice practice to clear your mind, improves blood circulation to the brain and makes you feel brighter. It helps you be more focused when you return to what you were doing before. Napping helps body and mind rest, in a more literal manner. Especially when you are in a demanding and challenging environment, a short sleep can be really restorative and recharging. When you wake up you feel less tired, you have increased alertness and you have boosted your concentration for many more hours. One really important thing that most of us don’t really realize, is to stop working at the right time. When we work for too long, we stop being productive, we make mistakes and this leads to stress and disengagement from work. The best point to stop working is when you are already washed out but you know exactly what the next step is. In this way, it is more likely to start the next day with more excitement, and you can deal with impediments more easily. Last but not least is sleeping. It is the most important thing for creativity and productivity. When we are awake out mind doesn’t stop working to give solutions to every problem. Our body runs out of energy by moving here and there until every last reserve of it is depleted. Sleeping is the ultimate way to restore energy and clear the mind. It decreases stress and depression and makes you more alert. Humans are not multitasking beings. So we need to be focused on the important things and keep high creativity and productivity. Working too many hours isn’t good either for the body nor for the mind. So regular breaks, naps and exercise during the day and a good sleep at the end of it give your life better quality and make you better at your job. Sources:

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