We recently – mistakenly – had an article (@see Google to flag HTTP sites as not secure) in our blog that had a clickbait title. It happened and we didn’t realised it. And it wasn’t as nice as you might think it was. We are a small blog with a couple of hundreds visitors per day. We write articles ourselves when we have the time to take a break from coding or testing software. We don’t make any money out of the blog and we only have it as a hobby – We try to write 2 articles per week and we are 9 people, this means that it’s not even close to our priorities. Suddenly, a couple of hours after the article was published, a comment came in – we never get comments! I was instantly happy and run to read it:
Your article is misleading. […]
First thing I did was call the author of the article and ask him not to reply on any comments – I thought that someone just wanted to troll us! Just 10 or 20 minutes later someone else also commented saying that the title is a clickbait. I run home, opened analytics and my jaw dropped. Analytics show the increase in sessions The rest of the day a and a big part of my evening was to make sure that:
  • The site will keep running normally, server should be able to handle the traffic
  • No comments with harse language will be visible – we might have minors reading as well
  • The title of the article should change everywhere possible
Why did this happen? We always send our articles to webdesignernews.com and we hope that they will be selected and will be shared with the world from there. This one article was selected and was upvoted as well. The newsletter shipped with the article to be the first on the list and all this made the traffic increase you see above! Did we enjoy all this? Yes of course, it was something new and unexpected! We always welcome nice surprises.. But was it something that we are happy about doing? No, not really – we despise clickbait websites that will say anything for a couple of cents on the dollar.

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