Some years ago emails were the best way to communicate online. The last decade though billions of emails are sent daily and users started filtering them all out. Also they stopped clicking the links the emails had because they are afraid something bad will happen to their computer or account or something. With all those spam emails a new way of communication was needed. Sms was initially thought that will replace some of the emails functionality but it proved that it was too expensive especially if a company has thousand of users to interact with. Rising as the biggest competitor to the emails is the push notifications. Push notifications began as a mobile tool to notify users about their social media actions or that they have a task they need to do in a task application etc. In early 2016 push notifications moved from mobile to desktop and even to browsers. That gave the companies a very direct way to communicate with their customers. I will try to explain some advantages that push notifications have over emails.  
  • One click subscription.
    • Its quick and very effective. The first time visitor is prompted to give permission for push notifications and immediately he is subscribed to your list.
  • High click rate.
    • One does not simply ignore a push notification. Users tend to click it even before reading the message.
  • Cross platform delivery.
    • If you are not in your inbox or you don’t have an email client installed then you will not see your emails. On the contrary mobile applications and websites will send you their notifications when you have internet connections and that is the main reason you will see them before seeing your emails.
  • No interruption.
    • Being on mobile, desktop or browser a push notification will take just a very small part of your screen to not interrupt you.
  That’s all for now folks. Maybe in my next article i will try to explain the positives and negatives of push notifications against sms and emails and after that i will try to give a real time example of how one can implement a functionality like push notifications in his application. Have a nice day.     References: ducttapemarketingconsultant pushcrew

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