Please take the title as a joke and not as a negative comment – I absolutely love Adam Sandler movies. The reason is that they are safe, same, without any big surprises. I want to relax my brain a bit on my sofa with a beer and the best thing to have on the TV is an Adam Sandler movie. What does this have to do with software development? Everything!! I find it strange really but my experience shows that developers will always choose a solution that works and they have used in the past, even if it is not 100% applicable on every case they meet, they tend to apply it on. The same and the same, again and again. The proof of this concept is the success of wordpress. At the moment that I write this article, about 26% of the world’s websites use it. There are also other applications like this: Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, etc are all the same thing – applications that are installable and administrable using plugins that are covering most of the cases, even if they provide more than requested. As long as there are no surprises and coding headaches, why should it matter that there are 10.000 extra useless lines of code in an app? And it’s all good – it all works – it costs little – everyone is happy!! Exactly my feelings when I watch an Adam Sandler movie. There is also something else in the web – made by wonderful people, something special, that keeps you up-to-cutting-edge-tech, a “naked wire” – I am talking about what Christopher Nolan is doing with his films. You watch it – you think about it. It will raise debates, it will make noise, it will make the world a tiny bit better. It would be stupid to base on wordpress, or, or! All these businesses are “the stuff”, their code is sexy – all developers I know would have goosebumps if they could work on this code – to see it, understand it, change it – make it even better! No matter what someone chooses for their application, web or mobile, they should be happy working with it. If they want to focus on making a couple of bucks or write some articles or just have an “online business card” – they shouldn’t bother with anything else than one of the amazing ready platforms out there (like wordpress). On the other hand, when someone wants to leave a heritage, touch the feelings of a million people and play on the high bet table, if they are trying a ready platform, they are probably on the wrong aisle in the video club!

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