The title speaks by itself: testing in many cases can be a pain in the back, as there is always a mountain of bugs out there waiting to be discovered, spread all around your web application. So how should one start and where should the focus be given? The answer is the essentials.

The essentials

Be it automation, smoke or performance testing, the goal is to definitely test the most essentials, a.k.a. the most crucial, features of your web application. Of course, you could have a 100 or 200 features available throughout your webapp, but which ones are actually the most crucial?

Users on the rescue

The importance of features can be easily answered by your users. The webapp is for them to use, so all you have to do, is observe. Analytics play a major role on this, so track your users down to see what they use and how. Then, you will have a pretty good idea of what the most popular “places” or features of your webapp are.

Focusing on user data

After looking at user analytics, all you have to do is build a quality strategy.
  • User interface automation create automation tests based on where your users are browsing and what they are clicking
  • Compatibility testing depending on what browsers you are supporting, test based on the most commonly used browsers
  • Web services tests. check the type and volume of service calls and the relationship with the most important user flows, and cover them.

Do not forget

As things are moving ultra fast in the world of internet, user preferences or habits do constantly change, so do not forget go back to user analytics every now and then, they are there, waiting to make you better. Source

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