Today I will analyze one of my fears for the future: What will I do when I am old? Will I be able to write software as fast and efficient as I do now?

I do my coding all day long, I code for work and I code for fun. Sometimes I code just to take my mind away from the every day tiny issues that come and go. It’s my relaxing mechanism and I will do it until my last day for sure. In addition to having such an amazing hobby that give me self-confidence and some quiet moments, I also make a living out of it – and this is the reason for the question at the beginning of this post, will I be able to sustain my family with coding forever?

This is a good question that I have discussed with many friends in the past years and now I want to share it. The only answer I believe is kinda true is: No!

Well, this requires analysis. No, I am not going to be a programmer who writes code as fast and efficient as now but I will be a programmer who writes slower but more efficient – and this, in my opinion, is the software engineers growth over the years, it’s what defines the maturity of a programmer.

When I begun I was writing code like a monkey – I was talking to my friends and I was bragging about writing 1000 lines of code the last day! This sounded cool and I was getting many wows – it felt nice. Now things are quite different, thanks to a good 10% of the programmes I have met and discussed software. When I see a problem that requires too much code, I break it down to many parts, think of it more, analyze it well, discuss it with people in the tech but also business side, and then it becomes small, it becomes walkable!

Unfortunately, I don’t know many people over 60 who are programming and the stats from personal experience is not as good as I wish they were. The two people I know that managed to continue programming and stepped way over 60 are my proof for what I think will happen to me. I will code slow, very efficient but slow. I might also make less money – but I will not be unemployed. I will continue doing what I love and I will make a living out of it – this means I will never actually work 🙂

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