Some couple months ago, we decided here in the company that due to extra load of work to the testing team, developers would also help with the testing of tickets (the simple ones…). Thing is, developers, can be testers, but how good (or should they)?


Some of you will possibly find the question to be without reason. I mean, come on, what is the big deal already. If I remember my computer science, college/university years, back then everyone wrote and tested their own code. And there were absolutely no problems at all, or weren’t they?


Alright then, let’s see how many can we count : Writing code is about solving an issue(s), thus when the time for testing comes, the developer usually follows the most positive flow. Piece-by-piece testing. Developers are testing along as they code. Lot of successful mini-tests do not equal code’s successful functionality. Affection for their product (the moment a soldier starts having feelings, he is done) Foolproof: Most developers think highly of themselves and usually have the attitude of a rock-star. Most of the times, the code is complicated, which makes it impossible to remember which parts are changed, and hence should be tested. Extending on the above point, parts of the code that weren’t “poked”, can behave differently when interacting with the ones changed. Like everything in this world, when one knows-too-much about something, then he/she can miss basic/major things. If we were to describe the user-level of developers and testers, I would dare to say advanced and beginners respectively. The more advanced developers are looking for very “special” cases and miss out on the basic ones. Haha! It is like testers are having beginner’s-luck at testing, all the time! Speaking of luck… Developers have usually lack of the real-user (average user) perspective. When one is testing, he/she should try to see through the eyes of the average user, as these are the ones that would finally use the system. Experience in a specialty, like common bugs. A tester sees a form, and he/she pre-emptively starts testing, in his/her mind, the most common bugs.


This is all folks. Please don’t hold grudges against me. I am just an average tester with beginner’s luck all the time!

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